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Brand Licensing Europe 2017 Adverts

Brand Licensing Europe is a high energy event bringing together some of the biggest global brands. The events playful, over the top nature required an advertising campaign which captured the power of recognised brands while inspiring the viewer with the potential of licensing.

I created these illustrations through the merging of the events existing ‘splash’ branding and the silhouettes of characters recognisable to each of the shows zones. The final illustrations were used across all collateral in the lead up to the 2017 event.

Agency: UBM Creative Solutions
Creative Director: Rickardo Watkins

BLE Adverts - 1.jpg
BLE 2017 Illustrations - 3.jpg
BLE 2017 Illustrations - 1.jpg
BLE Adverts - 2.jpg
BLE 2017 Illustrations - 2.jpg